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Luciano Rossetti

Born in 1959, he lives and works nearby Bergamo (Italy).
He cooperates with record labels (ECM, Cam, Soul Note, Splasch, Philology, NuBop) and jazz area magazines (Musica Jazz, Jazzman).
For them he photographed some of the most important italian and foreign jazz musicians, making more than 100 record projects.
He is the official photographer of Musical and Theatre Festivals as well as following some of the most important Festivals in Italy and abroad.
In 2007 he organized the 1 Meeting "Tra fotografia e Jazz" in S. Anna Arresi (Cagliari - Italy).
On the register of journalists of Lombardy, for over 10 years he has been exposing his photos in personal and collective expositions in Italy and abroad (Urbino, Fano, Milano, Repubblica S.Marino, Bergamo, Cormons, Padova, Terni, Roma, Perugia, Modena, Firenze, Mantova, Bastia-FR, Iseo, Vicenza, Clusone, S.Anna Arresi, Novara, Rozzano, New York).
He photographs both digital and analogic, taking care in person of darkroom work.
He has been editing the photographic desk of "Jazzit" for 5 years.
He's one of the charter members, photo coordinator and person in charge of educational programme of "Phocus", an Agency of performing arts photographers.